We're glad you've joined us... Launch Party 11/10/2011 - NOVEL LAUNCH

We are pleased to be a part of the release of T.E. MacArthur's debut novel ~ the Historical Steampunk: The Volcano Lady. A Fearful Storm Gathering is volume one of the exciting new, two part Volcano Lady tale of Dr. Letticia ‘Lettie’ Gantry, filled with exhilarating historical facts and what ifs, wild steam-powered technologies, and ever-increasing threats to civilization itself.

Be sure to read more about The Volcano Lady Vol. 1 and learn more about the author on the Volcano Lady page. You'll want to scroll to the bottom of the page to tell us one thing about the author and one thing about her book to be entered for a chance to win either a Paperback or eBook copy of The Volcano Lady Vol. 1.  And... ALL blog comments will be entered into a random drawing and, at the end of the day (Nov. 10, 2011), one commenter will be chosen to receive winner's choice of the book in Paperback or eBook format. One comment per post will be entered, however, you may comment on each post for more chances to win! Contest ends at midnight on November 10, 2011.

11/9/2011 11:57:39

So ... it isn't quite midnight yet and November 10th has yet to arrive. What? You thought I could sleep???

It's relatively cold here in the Bay Area but the wind is blowing just enough to bring down the spent leaves from the trees and to sway the whole neighborhood as if in a sacred hula. I'm not convinced I'd fall asleep anyway. This is the sort of time and place that begs an author to write. Hurrah for the printed word!

11/9/2011 22:31:18

What a terrific morning for a book release!! Just ordered my copy and can't wait to dive into it! You are an exciting writer and I wish you the very best today!!! Blessings, Laura

Crystal Trent Dotson
11/9/2011 22:34:02

Another Great Book Launch , I like this one because it's different. Heres one thing about the book and one thing about the Author : It takes place in 1882 , and T.E."s constant companion is Mac the Cat !!

11/9/2011 23:56:12

Thena has been carrying on a not so secret love affair with Jules Verne and in the book her leading lady actually gets to travel on the Nautilus.

Rachel Shreck
11/10/2011 01:04:53

Here is something about the author: Thena is an expert in Victorian era women's costume. She has made numerous breathtakingly beautiful ensembles.

Here is something about the book: I ordered a paper copy. How retro!

Trish McNeill
11/10/2011 03:48:04

This is a fantastic story! Thena is well versed in the history and mindset of the time period. Wonderful!

Diane G. Cooke
11/10/2011 12:14:10

I am fascinated and intrigued. I eagerly await to read your wonderful book.

Am in the midst of NaNoWriMo as I see you are as well, so shall bid you a good night with a lot of good luck. May your book be as popular as Jules Verne's!

A grrrl can dream, and she does...

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