Congratulations to the following winners from the release of Darkspell and Lonely Hearts. Winners are chosen by random drawings.
EBook Winners - both Lonely Hearts and Darkspell:
Shannon Stidham Event Attendee Winner
Eyvonna Rains Event Page Commenter Winner
Anna Dase Event Page Commenter WinnerDeborah Hutto Bateman Event Page Commenter Winner

Paperback winners:
Darkspell Paperback from Darkspell Page on Novel Launch: Erin Danzer
Lonely Hearts Paperback from Lonely Hearts Page on Novel Launch: Crystal Trent Dotson
Both Books in Paperback from the Launch Day Blog commenters on Novel Launch: Sophia Rose
eBook winners will be notified via email on how to pick up your ebook copies. If you have any questions about how to download your books, please let us know. Paperback winners will be notified via email as well with address requests so the books may be sent.Please consider posting a review of the books and make note in your review that you received the book as a contest winner. Enjoy and thank you to everyone who joined us. (additional ebook winners were chosen and notified by the authors


Join us next week for the release of T.E. MacArthur's debut novel, The Volcano Lady, Vol I: A Fearful Storm Brewing.

The exciting tale of Dr. Letticia ‘Lettie’ Gantry, filled with exhilarating historical facts and what ifs, wild steam-powered technologies, and  ever-increasing threats to civilization itself. Help us celebrate the release of this Historical Steampunk novel November 10, 2011.


The authors and Novel Launch have been giving away ebooks over on FaceBook for 2 days now but if you still want a chance to enter to win your choice of Paperback copies or eBook copies of either Darkspell or Lonely Hearts you may do that here by:

1) leaving a comment on ANY of the posts on THIS Launch Day Blog (leaving more comments increases your chance of winning).

2) visiting Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell page here on the Novel Launch site and leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

3) visiting Amanda Stephan's Lonely Hearts page here on the Novel Launch site and leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

All comments left before midnight will be added to the "hat" and a winners from each of the 3 options will be randomly chosen and notified via email 11/03/2011. If we can not reach you by the email address listed, another winner will be chosen within 24 hours. 

We will also be giving away eBook copies to some random commenters on the Event Page over on FaceBook so continue to comment. We will choose eBook winners from the guest list on that same page and from Likers on each of the authors' pages (Elizabeth's Author Page ~~ Amanda's Author Page) so make sure you do that before midnight as well.

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We all know covers are usually the first thing we notice about books which makes a great cover even more important. Darkspell and Lonely Hearts have very different covers that perfectly depict what you'll find waiting inside. Let's take a look at how they were created:


Darkspell's cover was created by the extremely talented Laura J. Miller (aka Author Jaimey Grant) who designs with An Author's Art as well as TreasureLine Publishing. Elizabeth took a photograph of her 11 year old son and made him appear older to fit the 17 year old hero in the book. That was then sent to Laura where she worked on it further and combined it with the orangish smoke/flames and fantastic fonts to create one amazing cover.

Elizabeth's son used as the model for Darkspell's cover
The orangish red smoke/flames used on Darkspell's cover


The cover for Lonely Hearts actually presented itself to author and designer Linda Boulanger in a dream after Amanda gave her the general idea of the story! The hardest part came with then finding the elements that could be combined to get that dreamed up cover. There are way too many individual pictures used on Lonely Hearts to show them all, however, you may view two of them below.

Linda designs for TreasureLine Publishing as well.

Photo used for the main characters on Lonely Hearts' cover
The lavender and journal were both extremely important parts of the Lonely Hearts story.

You may currently enter to win Paperback copies of either Darkspell or Lonely Hearts by:

1) leaving a comment on ANY of the posts on THIS Launch Day Blog.

2) visiting Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell page here on the Novel Launch site and leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

3) visiting Amanda Stephan's Lonely Hearts page here on the Novel Launch site and leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

This particular opportunity is closed. Amanda will be announcing the winners from her Website Launch Day events later today on her site. Be sure to stop by there if you entered to win!

Amanda Stephan is going all out on her website in celebration of the release of Lonely Hearts. Take a trip to for a chance to win a Nook and other great prizes.

There are 3 chances to win copies of Darkspell right here on the Novel Launch site: On the Darkspell page, you can scroll down and tell us something about the book and something about Elizabeth to be entered to win. Here on the Launch Day Blog, you may scroll down and comment for a chance to win under the Post: Two Books... (both of those are winner's choice of paperback or ebook) and, if you let us know you have shared the word on the post below this one, you have a chance to win an eBook copy.

There are also 7 ways to win posted over on Elizabeth's blog so make sure you take a moment to visit:

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Help us spread the word about these 2 great books by linking people to our Launch of the Day page and let us know you have (by commenting here) to be entered for a chance to win eBook copies of BOTH BOOKS! Comments must be posted before Midnight, 11/02/2011
We can't imagine a better way to start the month of November than by announcing the release of two FANTASTIC books by two lovely ladies! Because of the lateness in the day of our getting started on the release parties, we're extending it through tomorrow! That's right! You'll have the rest of today AND all day tomorrow to be eligible to win!!! We'll also be directing guests to the author's sites and others where you may enter to win as well. So glad you could join us!
Darkspell, a YA Paranormal Romance officially released yesterday (Halloween ~ how fitting!) is the debut novel by Elizabeth Mueller. You may read more about Darkspell and Elizabeth on the Darkspell page here on Novel Launch. While you're there, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and tell us one thing about the author AND about her book for a chance to be entered to win a copy of Darkspell (paperback or ebook~winner's choice).

Lonely Hearts is the second book for Author Amanda Stephan. This Contemporary Christian Romance is touted as a story that will take the reader "through a gamut of emotions" as well as being a story with a great Christian message.

Be sure to read more about Lonely Hearts and Amanda on the Lonely Hearts page and scroll to the bottom of the page to tell us one thing about the author And one thing about her book for a chance to win...

Just so you know... ALL blog comments will be entered into a random drawing and, at the end of the day tomorrow, two commenters will be chosen to receive their choice of either book in Paperback or eBook format. One comment per post will be entered, however, you may comment on each post for more chances to win! Contest ends at midnight on November 2, 2011.